Helping you be present and powerful, especially when the pressure is on

In our experience, people are generally more competent than they know, and less confident than they can be. Brave Productions specialises in executive coaching, leadership and organisational culture change programmes based on practices developed to bring out the best in all of us.



Up to the moment

Learn the core skills that really make the difference from leaders in their field.

Time efficient

Learn at your own pace and at a time you choose. Available 24/7 enabling you to access the course from home, office or anywhere with internet access.

Learning effective

Practising each module as often as you want and integrating the learning as you go is the fastest way to grasp each core concept and improve your level skill.

Customised learning experience

Take the course individually or as a team and share in the learning experience together. Add Skype coaching and onsite training sessions to provide the optimum level of support from our course leaders.

Cost effective

Maximise your corporate training budget by reducing travelling and accommodation expenses, and benefit from a structured learning programme that gives time for practise and development of core skills.